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The Marine Foundation is an international Eco arts organisation with a new approach to marine conservation where art is at the center and the catalyst for conservation, sustainable resource management  and social change. We offer a visionary approach to restoring marine habitat by the creation of bespoke underwater sculptures that are designed with creative and scientific innovation. Interactive Eco art that sustain communities and the marine ecosystems on which they depend. The artworks  are coral and fish nurseries replenishing our seas with new life and therefore a way for us to creatively invest in the future health of our underwater habitat; pioneering a new arena for eco marine tourism.

‘Living sculptures in the sea’ is an international program of underwater sculptures supported by the ‘Art for Oceans’ program which engages a  wider discipline of arts.  Art has the power to convey information in a subtle yet dynamic way and it is this relationship to the arts that makes this concept so unique. Our program helps to establish exciting and ecologically  sustainable business models that interact with the ocean; promoting sustainability principles, zero waste standards, policies, tourism as well as business best practices for all stakeholders and operators to adhere to. In a solution based way the program facilitates and addresses the management and preservation of  resources, environment and culture, in recognition that all are vital to tourism and a healthy economy.

By working together and making alliances with artists, environmental NGO’s ( non governmental organizations), MPA’s ( marine protected areas), MMA’s ( marine management areas), scientists, schools/universities, communities and tourism operators/organizations, We created new networks and opportunities for knowledge sharing and facilitate extraordinary contributions to the marine environment, the local and global community and the creation of a new creative art movement.

The Marine Foundation expertise spans  every stage of the commissioning and facilitation process, from the creation of visionary and pragmatic Eco art strategies, to the selection of artists and the successful coordination of commissioned artworks, events and implementation of marine management and communication strategy. Our approach is creative and practical. Whilst engaging with the best contemporary arts practice, we also draw on a range of creative and academic disciplines, initiating collaborations with scientist, local marine communities. photographers,film makers, media, press, poets and creative writers, engineers, ecologists and designers. The Marine Foundation aims to raise awareness about climate change threats, food security and marine based environmental issues in ways that are positive and creative.

Founded by Celia Gregory in 2009, The Marine Foundation is based in London and operates internationally. The heart of our operations is in Indonesia where we have delivered several projects. We have projects in various stages of development in Malaysia, Polynesia, Egypt, Mediterranean, Caribbean and the UK.

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