Coral Gardens

coral garden

Natural coral gardens are healthy and thriving coral reef eco-systems. The Marine Foundation works with community and local environmental groups to form areas of  protection to help damaged marine eco systems  to regenerate. “Coral gardening” means actively caring for corals on reef.  There are many similarities between flowers in the garden and corals,; birds are similar to fish and there are predators that eat the coal in the same way plants are nibbled by things.  Trained community members and resort staff remove overabundant coral-killing predators, weed excessive seaweeds that are smothering corals,  dust sand kicked up by snorkeler’s off of massive corals, and  replant corals broken by careless divers and storms to dead reef areas.

Building the  Living coral sculptures  thus creating fish houses or ”coral castles”,  planting corals on these structures is another coral gardening activity, and the increased numbers of fish work to improve the health of corals on the reef by controlling coral predators and seaweeds.

The foundation of  healthy coral reefs is clear, clean water low in muddy silt and low in pollution, and with abundant fish and other animals that in turn keep the corals clean and free of major predator outbreaks. While coral gardening is useful on degraded reefs, helping sick corals regain some strength, the longer-term solution requires addressing the root causes of decline. Any reef- no matter how healthy, if visited by thousands of tourists annually will decline over time. Coral gardening, if actively applied to such highly-used reefs can help manage the inadvertent damage caused by this important economic activity.


The Marine Foundation has coral gardens in-

Pemuteran, Bali, an award winning bio-rock reef restoration project  created with Karang Lestari who are the local coral gardening team,

Our Projects in this garden include  –

The Coral Goddess  @

Bicycles   @

Pemuteran Animals  @


Jemaluk Bay, Bali a collection of artificial reef structures made from a variety of materials managed by the Community and reef check indonesia

Our Projects in this garden include

Amed mermaid @

Gili Trawangan, Lombok, an extensive bio-rock k reef restoration program created with Gili eco trust 

Our Projects in this garden include-

The Manta Ray @

Deus Motorbike  @



Sire, Lombok, the first  bio-rock structure has recently been added to this naturally beautiful coral garden on the coats of Lombok created with the  Gili eco trust 

Our Projects in this garden include-

Tugu Dragon @


Bora Bora,Polynesia, a new garden is in formation for Bora Bora with Local environment group boraeco fish

Our Projects in this garden include-

Hina @


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