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The Creation of the Marine Foundation and  the journey of funding for good is a magical experience and we are very grateful for  generosity of individuals during the set  phase when the concept was unfolding. Now several sculptures have been installed and the benefits both creatively and environmentally are evident it is much clearer what is being paid for and what the long term economic benefits are to both people and environment.

Our projects are funded and paid for  on a project to project bases some commissioned by hotels that have the money to spend and others are with less economically abundant communities who are endeavoring to move away from destructive practice and become custodians of the coral gardens and fish nurseries and need funding support from outside.  In our projects section projects that are in the funding phase projects that still require financial endowment. This can be given in the form of a paypal donation please state the project you wish the gift to  go towards, in the form of a cheque please make payable to the marine and posted to our contact address  or through sponsorship which is described in more detail in  the become a sponsor section.

All contributions whether by an individual or company are honoured in our acknowledgements section

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