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Sponsor of the Marine foundation and  contribute to development of the local communities and green tourism by becoming a. Invest in regeneration of coral reef with underwater sculptures and help our oceans stay healthy for all generations.

Sponsor the marine foundation or Sponsor ongoing living sculptures projects ( link to parent), join Art for Oceans campaign (link to parent) or propose a new idea for commissioned work.

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By becoming our sponsor, your business will benefit from our media exposure during the communication campaign of Art for Oceans.

In exchange for sponsoring, the Marine foundation will:

1. highlight your logo, during all our public outreach events, promotional material and handouts.

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The Communication Campaign

The underwater sculptures are inspirational motives for photography and film and as such highly attractive for media. The previous projects have received an array of press interest from magazines to TV shows and the interest is on-going as the sculptures are permanent and are changing over time as the coral on them develops and grows.

The Marine Foundation has obtained permission to distribute high quality film footage and photographs in partnerships with photographers and other collaborators on the previous projects including Deus ex machina, Gili eco trust, Greenpeace, the Reef Check, Nusa Dua Foundation and diving companies. This database will be transformed into two educational exhibitions with guidance of Rizki Zaelani, the prominent Indonesian art curator. The images will be used on the interactive website and in the media.

The communication campaign is multifold. For focal point of the communication campaign, the project will launch a first national art colony for underwater sculptures that aims to restore marine habitat and raise national awareness on June 6th, World Oceans Day. The art colony will be held on Bali in November during the World culture in development forum – culture Olympiad which focuses on the power of culture as a catalyst in sustainable development. By creating a hub in the art world about the innovative approach of art as catalyst for marine conservation, project aims to use the artists as ambassadors of the message of importance of conservation of the marine life.

Besides launching an improved interactive website of The Marine Foundation, the campaign aims to create multiplying effect trough partnerships with the media (written, electronic, TV), government and non government organisations as well as businesses in the region that are concerned about preservation of environment. The Foundation has on-going relationships with amongst others the Bio-rock® method, Boraecofish and Ken Collins of Southhampton University Celia Gregory is a member of the Ocean Artists Society The initial media partnership list is below and will be extended during the duration of the project:

World Culture in Development Forum 2013, Bali, November 24th – 29th 2013

Info websites with national and international outreach (Indonesia, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China): Bali advertiser,,,,, Bali News and Views, Bali Expat

Ecological websites and magazines: Kula Magazine,,,

Scuba diving magazines and websites: Dive magazine UK, Scuba Diver Austral Asia, Asian Geographic Magazines,

Discovery Channel Australia, Discovery Beach TV show, Jakarta Post

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