Amed Mermaid

In the 1980’s Amed had beautiful coral reefs but  the introduction of the fishing net as an “innovative” and efficient fishing was the catalyst for extensive coral reef  damage.  Their nets became stuck in the coral  damaging them and so when the  fishermen discovered that the  corals served as a perfect substitute for cement, they thought two solutions were being found at the same time.  This led to the active dismantling of the reef for use as building materials until almost all corals were destroyed, the destruction of their reefs meant that fishing nets no longer got snagged. The fishing community were  unaware of the long-term impact this had to the marine eco-system and their economy once the coral had been destroyed.

A  number of conservation activities have been undertaken in Amed area over the last ten years though the installation of a variety of artificial reef structures.  There is existing infrastructure for tourism, hotels, restaurants and diving companies and potential for further developmentd. In 2011 the underwater post office was installed, these activities have not been promoted. 2013 commences the new working relationship between Reef check Indonesia who are working with the community to established sustainable management practice. Celia Gregory conceptualised the mermaid and commissioned Balinese sculptor Wayan Winten to bring the design to life  with  funds from the  Body Shop Indonesia

 The mermaid is made   using white ph neutral cement  she is radiating from under the sea in  Jemeluk Bay,  Amed,  30 meters from the shore at a depth of 10meters. The ‘designer’ artificial reef  will provide a place for corals to settle and  the  hole in the base of the statue will give a place for fish to hide. She will hopefully bring  prosperity to the community therefore  supporting their shift to a sustainable and regenerative relationship to their marine treasures.

Please visit the mermaid and support the coral garden by contacting the local dive partners and community team

Project partners

Reef check Indonesia –

Sculptor – wayan winten – 0811394126

Body shop Indonesia –

Dive partners and community team

AMED Divers Café   : PIC Ketut Sepel 081905340972

AMED Jukung Dive  : PIC Rainer

AMED EURO Dive     : PIC Lorenz/Gokong

AMED Puri Wirata    : PIC Tom

AMED Amed Café    : PIC Ketut Alit

AMED Eco Dive         : PIC Jon

BIDP Based in Sanur: PIC Nika

Blue Corner Dive      : PIC Andrew

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