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The Deus project  is a creative  collaboration between the Marine Foundation and Deus and the reef restoration method  Bio-rock®, made in the Deus motorbike workshops at  their  flagship store ‘The Temple of Enthusiasm ’  in Changu, Bali. Once completed the structure was  transported to the Gili Islands on the roof of the Blue water express fast boat. Reassembled on the beach with a team of helpers it was literally carried into its underwater home   in front of Cafe Gili  in  approx. 5 m  water depth. There can be  strong currents which adds a challenging dimension to riding the only motorbike on Gili, an  island dedicated to diving it is characteristically  housed underwater giving a home to fish and marine life.

Gili Eco Trust who run the Gili Islands environmental program is managing the bio-rock installation and checking that the gentle electrical current required by the bio-rock® method  is working and providing juice for the corals and fish that have taken up residence.   Now a  unique and fun interactive experience and a great photo opportunity drawing  a new audience to the issues of the ocean environment and sustainable marine management.

Visit this project and support this coral garden

  • Supporting  the Gili eco tax – Every diver and snorkeller who visits gili pays a gili eco trust  donation which helps the eco programs on the island to learn more of their  work visit Gili eco trust @
  • Photographed  riding the deus bike – Gili divers are only metres away from the deus Bio-bike rent you equipment and get in house photographer Johan Bratt to capture the moment, contact Gili divers @
  • Guided Dive and  intro to projects   – get a personnel introduction to the bio-rock coral garden from the Gili eco trust who can give you the in depth facts that will make seeing the bio-rocks structures and sculptures  even more interesting and then go on  guided tour   – contact Gili Trawangan dive @
  • Padi Bio-rock speciality – to learn even more why not take the take the bio-rock speciality padi specialty course and have a unique experience learning more about this award winning coral restoration method with one of the most experience experts in the method –  contact Gili Trawangan dive @

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Travel to Gili  with our travel partners  – Blue water express –

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Deus the making of and sink
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