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Made Guns Baretta is manager at the bio-rock centre in Pemuteran and over the time her has worked there he  has become  an expert in maintaining the bio-rock®  coral garden and from this experience he knows exactly what makes a good structure for corals and fish.  Artists Celia Gregory and later Joey Ellis have inspired Made to apply his own creative eye and has made several  stunning creations. That include the crab sea horse and panther.

 Visit this project and support this coral garden

  • Sponsor a coral program – either on-line via or when you are in Pemuteran visit the  bio-rock centre in Pemuteran next to Bali Dive academy and Taman Sari and meet the team and Made the artists himself  and see your coral and  name underwater as part of the bio-rock sculpture garden.  The best way to make your way into the coral garden is right on their shore step.
  • Guided Dive and  intro to project   – get a personnel introduction to the bio-rock coral garden from Komang project manager who can give you the in depth facts that will make seeing it even more interesting and taken on  guided tour of the coral garden and sculpture garden  – contact Bali Dive academy Bali Dive academy/
  • Padi Bio-rock speciality – to learn even more why not take the take the bio-rock speciality padi specialty course with Komang and have a unique experience learning more about this award winning coral restoration method with one of the most experience experts in the method – contact Bali Dive academy Bali Dive academy/


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Hotel partner and host – Taman Sari Cottages

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