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The house reef outside Taman Sari Cottages in Pemuteran, Bali  is home to the  award winning Karang Lestari coral reef restoration project which uses the Bio-rock® method to enhance  coral growth and survival rates. Only ten years ago this coral reef was almost completely decimated by dynamite and cyanide fishing and the success of this restoration project now draws Eco tourists from all over the worlds. The community led initiative is a perfect example of cooperation between a number of key participants that generate positive change and is an exemplary case for sustainable marine management strategy that has been successfully integrated within the local community.

On May 2nd 2011 ‘The Coral Goddess’ sculpture designed by Celia Gregory was installed, inspired by the local culture and   blessed during a traditional Balinese ceremony, the holy water collected from several important temples including Melanting and Pulaki, whihc the local community believes  gives her the power to protect the seas and those that live within it.  The underwater installation is a nursery for fish and coral which can repopulate to surrounding area.

Young corals take time  to permanently attach to solid substrate ( similar to  a plant rooting in the soil) so it is these loose baby  corals that were collected and  attached to the lotus flower  framework that the stone female goddess sits within. For  many reasons corals in the garden can also get  damaged and pieces break off so these are also replanted. The  coral transplanting process is  like a gardening and a gardener  lovingly attending to flowers in a flowerbed thinking of the colours, how they will grow over time and ensuring they have the best chance to survive. The Coral Goddess is  living and growing, fish have moved in and this artwork  keeps evolving.

The Coral Goddess is  the first Karang Lastari bio-rock® (which requires a gentle electrical current) structure  to be powered by a green energy source; The 2 solar panels and marine breeze wind turbine sit  on a tower 30 meters in front  of the Bio-rock® centre and a few meters away from  the  underwater sculpture. Rani  who co-initiated this regeneration project has a dream that one day the whole bio-rock®  coral garden, consisting of over 40 structures will be powered by alternative energy. The Coral Goddess  symbolises an important turning point in this  transition off the grid.  Other bio-rock®  sculptures include the bicycles by artists Joey Ellis and a collection of stunning animals by Guns Baretta.

Visit this project and support this coral  garden

  • Sponsor a coral program – either on-line via or when you are in Pemuteran visit the  bio-rock centre in Pemuteran next to Bali Dive academy and Taman Sari and meet the team and do it in person and see your coral and  name underwater as part of the bio-rock sculpture garden.  The best way to make your way into the coral garden is right on their shore step.
  • Guided Dive and  intro to project   – get a personnel introduction to the bio-rock coral garden from Komang project manager who can give you the in depth facts that will make seeing it even more interesting and taken on  guided tour of the coral garden and sculpture garden  – contact Bali Dive academy Bali Dive academy/
  • Padi Bio-rock speciality – to learn even more why not take the take the bio-rock speciality padi specialty course with Komang and have a unique experience learning more about this award winning coral restoration method with one of the most experience experts in the method – contact Bali Dive academy Bali Dive academy/

Project partners

Science partners – Bio-rock® –

Bio-rock® centre, local  managing partners  Karang Lastari

Hotel partner and host – Taman Sari Cottages

Dive business partner – Bali Dive academy/

Energy unit installed by PT. Alternative Energy Solusi Indonesia / Renewable Energy –


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