Tugu Dragon

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The Tugu Dragon has been commissioned  by Hotel  Tugu in Lombok for the house reef in front of their hotel. Designed  by Celia Gregory and  made using the Bio-rock® coral reef restoration method. Delphine Robbe from the Gili Eco trust is heading the science and installation of the project including the construction of a floating pontoon on which   the solar panels that power the bio-rock®  reef as well a providing a sun deck for visitors.

The design is inspired by the  Hotel Tugu logo, a mythological creature that symbolises protection; The head is made with  local Balinese sculpture I Ketut  Putrayasa and the body  constructed by the staff  under the creative guidance of Celia and technical expertise of Delphine. The body is  created with bended metal rebar and the transplanted with coral that weaves in and around   the metal frame to  become a living creature and  amazing to swim and snorkel down to;  providing  the Tugu guests  with a very unique experience.

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Project partners

commissioners – hotel tugu – http://www.tuguhotels.com

Science partners – Bio-rock® –www.globalcoral.org

coral experts and managing partners –  Delphine Robbe Gili Eco trust – http://www.giliecotrust.com

Creative director – Celia Gregory  www.celiagregory.com

sculptor – http://www.rich-stonebali.com

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