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background and creating  coral gardens

“It is clear  that marine habitat around the world is in mass decline and  a radical new creative approach is needed to halt the destruction. I believe using the  lucrative economy of art mixed with vital economy of tourism we can help re-inject a sense of value and awe of our oceans back into society, helping the world to once again  revere  the wonderful hidden underwater world that is so desperately in need of protecting.”

Celia Persephone Gregory, Founder of The Marine Foundation

Presently tourism is not regarded as  being   good for the environment and there is no doubt that it puts additional pressure on the marine eco-systems  and if unregulated causes extensive damage to culture and natural resources. This does not need to be the scenario. Higher standards to preserve marine health can  be improved and tourism can support long term wellbeing as a priority over  short term decisions making which will cost in the future.  We can  choose  destination and operators who are implementing  good practice and enjoy spending time  in places where it is obvious that they care for the local community both human, animal and coral!

The Marine Foundation facilitates the creation of localized areas of managed marine conservation in the form of ‘coral gardens’, partnering with local environmental groups and business  who work with the communities helping them set up the structures and standard required to create a sustainable and stewardship relationship with the underwater world.

The aim of these Coral Gardens is to put an end to further destruction and to facilitate the regeneration of marine eco-systems health through:-

  • The implementation of fishing restrictions, education to local community and actors in tourism which will put a stop to destructive activities such as dynamite fishing, rubbish, untreated  sewage  and fertilizer run-off.
  • A synergy of design and contemporary science serving both as an inspirational artwork and a providing coral substrate stabilization and habitat for fish and coral.
  • Our local activities are supported by  implementing  a national and international communication campaign in series of public activities  and promotions that increase awareness and education  in the value of preserving the marine eco-system, as well as informing new audience of the unique tourism attractions.

Our  artworks  serve as source of responsible eco-tourism by partnering with diving tours and hotels, which will increase the income in the community through visiting tourists and donations.To support the on-going sustainability of our projects and local partners we are designing and offering dive tours and visiting opportunities that support the operators and managers who follow good practice of environmental standards. We want to encourage a lineage for good practice for customers to enjoy knowing their experience is also helping preserve the marine treasures. please see our visit our projects

Our projects contribute to monitoring and research of reef regeneration enabling the scientific community to better understand marine eco system resilience for the future. Therefore being part of  these projects and choosing to visit and support the communities and business, we all support the future health of our oceans and the  valuable renewable resources they support. Lets create  and support effective human systems that generate eco-system wealth rather then destroy it.

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