Criteria, Standards, Benefits

tourism for good - criteria and good practise

The Marine Foundation supports locations, communities and business  that have decided to support sustainability and preservation of their local marine garden. We support action and believe that something is better then nothing. Therefore we have a basic set of  criteria requirements and will assist over time the meeting of  the higher standards that are vital to  serve real  long term well-being but would be hard for many to implement all at one time.

Our  basic requirements for a location to be suitable for partnership are

  • A suitable location, there is a restricted as certain conditions are  required for successful installation of our art reef i.e. not surfing area
  • The marine Eco-system  has been destroyed or  in decline, we do not install projects in pristine areas that could potentially cause damage to existing habitat
  • There is high level  human interaction and therefore the   Eco-system cannot just be left to go back to nature!
  • Tourism is a  viable business opportunity  and  source of income
  • A local environmental NGO’s, group  or  Eco  trusts are implementing fishing  restrictions  and managing the area for  marine protection, monitoring, setting a good example of how marine habitat can be managed effectively so community, business and the eco system will benefit.
  • Boat mooring and defined boat  traffic through the reef are  in place
  • A resident dive shop partner is  in place or part of set–up
  • A trained diving and coral garden  maintenance   team from the community
  • Twice daily rubbish removal off beach
  • Artificial reef science expert  / partner / methodology of the installation appropriate to location
  • Tourism and hospitality partners
  • Artist and the story of the work
  • Research and monitoring
  • A commitment to assist  in promotional and educational  activities i.e. help a visiting students /  journalist, take regular photos, active social media

Longer term criteria

  • An eco learning, information and management  centre using green technology and ideas
  • Waste management policy / recycling / compost system and site and trashcans around the area
  • Sewage control standards or a  development plan for host location
  • Take in take out policy for all visitors and operators as well as no single use food and beverage packaging , plastic bags water cups or straws policies.
  • Control of fertilizer and toxic run-off
  • products made within local  community
  • restaurants adhere to sustainable fish sourcing
  • Earth Check benchmarking
  • fining and regulating body in place to ensure rules are followed

We support and facilitate systems for good practice and  are creating   new opportunities for the setting up of  standards  and with that  a choice for you  the customer to choose and support  good practice.

The Marine Foundation is growing and   as  the benefits of the projects we set up is  better understood and  the evidence of success is becoming increasing apparent more scientists, environmentalists and businesses are working with us and investing  their time and money.  This will be more  quantifiable over time  and will only gather momentum through  the gathering of  data.  In the future we hope to  be able to implement higher standards as our partners  lobby government and business to make the changes necessary.

Our projects install :

a sense of pride for  the community nurturing   confidence and renewed enthusiasm

a valuable asset

a new creative aspect to environmental work

the opportunity to learn about and install new technology

an increased  income through visiting tourists and donations

a better understanding of the benefits of eco tourism  enabling an improved service

an alternative revenue from fishing to support the community

an education in the value of preserving their marine treasures

the involvement in new skills and creativity

a greater awareness

a raising of  their  profile  in media encouraging  eco tourists to visit

the validation  in  supporting sustainable marine management

the attraction of  a new audience to the awareness of coral regeneration

the facilitation, involvement and investment  in positive marine preservation activities

an extensive media coverage via stunning photography in the press, media and the ever evolving world of cyberspace

the continued monitoring and investment in research  opportunities

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